Nov 06 2014

Time To Meet Fixer’s New Artist, Erin!

Some people have been asking who Fixer’s new artist is. Well, it’s time to introduce her to everyone! She took some time to do a quick interview so you fans can get to know her a little better.

1. Please introduce yourself 
Hello! I am Erin Nagy. I like elves and cheese ravioli and I cannot stand the sound of ticking clocks. I’ve worked on webcomics, print comics, and video games. Though most of my art is 2D drawings, I also dabble in some crafts and writing. If it’s creative, I’m there!
2. How did you first find out about Fixer?
A friend of mine suggested Fixer to me back when it was fairly new. My taste in print comics runs towards the superheroes, but when it comes to webcomics pretty much anything is fair game. Fixer had a unique story and great writing and art, so into my bookmarks it went!
3. What made you want to become Fixer’s next artist?
I heard there was a search for a new artist for Fixer, and that they were looking for a style that had a bit of comic book and a bit of anime in it. Since that’s how I’d describe my style, I was excited: it sounded like a perfect fit! It’s always nice to be a part of something, and it’s even nicer when you can be part of something of which you are a fan.
4. What is your artist background?
Though I went to art school, I’m mostly self-taught. I have been drawing for pretty much my whole life (I remember being very small, with an endless roll of paper and a giant box of crayons), and my parents, family, and friends have always been quite supportive of it. I started taking my art seriously in my early teens, and now I am rarely seen without pencil (or, more often, stylus) in hand.
5. Who are your favorite musicians?
I have really varied taste: Coldplay to Koji Kondo is just scratching the surface. My favourite music is the kind that evokes feelings or tells a story, so I enjoy a lot of game soundtracks and movie scores. I’ll listen to most everything, though, except boy bands. Boy bands are not allowed.
6. What are your hobbies?
I draw. A lot. I am also an avid gamer and love to read. Unfortunately, I don’t have any exciting hobbies like hang gliding (though I have been twice!).
7. Who is your favorite character in Fixer?
My favourite character is Mamoru. Most of the time he comes off as an easygoing, unflappable, cool dude, but then every once in a while that cracks and he’s the complete opposite. I’m a sucker for cool dudes, goofballs, and secret personality traits, so he’s the best of all worlds!
8. What was your favorite Fixer moment?
I really liked when Dakota decided to make a serious commitment to his music: when he changed his hair. Not only did it show character growth, but it was also this neat combination of minor event and major impact. The fact it was in one of the few colour pages was also a very striking choice.
9. How will your style effect the comic?
Danny’s art has this wonderful simple realism to it. My art is more stylized, but is still relatively realistic. I think our similarities will help bridge the entire story together, and our differences will distinguish the different arcs.
10. What are your hopes for the future?
As far as Fixer goes, I really hope everyone enjoys this next chapter in the band’s life, and that I can fill the big shoes Danny left behind!
Personally, I dream of one day creating my own comics. I have a zillion ideas floating around in my head, and I would love to capture and share some of them.
For the future in general… I hope for jetpacks.

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