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Feb 14 2013

Chapter 13 “Le Ciel” Is Now Available To Read!

The final chapter of the first story arc “Le Ciel” is now available to read!  You can read it by heading over to the read section of clicking the image below!

Jan 02 2013

Chapter 12 “Psyence” Is Now Available To Read!

Chapter 12 of Fixer, “Psyence” is now online and ready to read!  Head over to the read section or click the image below!

May 03 2012

Chapter 5 – It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock’n’Roll)

Chapter 5 is now out! Read it by clicking the above image, by clicking the chapter 5 link on the top menu or by simply clicking here.  After reading, you can discuss the chapter with fellow fans at the official chapter 5 thread in the Tainted Reality forums!

Apr 14 2012

First Fixer Cosplayers!

During Anime Boston, we had the pleasure of seeing our first ever cosplayers!  A big thanks to Erica Kaney & Amber Mary Brittain for cosplaying Dakota and Naomi.

Apr 05 2012

Chapter 4 “Genesis” Now Available to Read!

The newest chapter of Fixer has been released!  Head on over to the read section or jump directly to the chapter by clicking the image below!

Feb 12 2012

Fixer Trivia: Stevie Ray Vaughan

Dakota may be in a punk rock band in the beginning of the story, but if you really want to get inside his head, listen to some Stevie Ray Vaughan!

Jan 27 2012


Another piece of fanart… Nekota! Click here to see all fanart!

Jan 24 2012

First fanart is up!

The first two pieces of fanart is now uploaded in the fanart section! Click here to see all fanart pics!

Jan 19 2012

Chapter 1’s Supplementary material is now up!

We unearthed an interview with Dakota about his band previous to Fixer, Vile Deeds! You can check out the interview at http://www.fixercomic.com/read/extras/

Jan 10 2012

Fixer Trivia: Cerebral Balzy

We will be releasing supplemental material between chapters to help further enhance the story and keep you guys entertained between chapters! Next week, Dakota will be interviewed in the school newspaper for the upcoming live with his current band, Vile Deeds! For an idea of Vile Deed’s sound, check out this track from real life …

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