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Chapter 6 – Naomi




  1. Nyxera

    First of all, I REALLY love the cover! Naomi looks like a strong person. This might just be me, but I think she could really hold her own in stage presence, which is important for a drummer since their personal charisma usually gets overshadowed.
    And the dress is wonderful too, very feminine and shows she has a soft side, but isn’t going to compromise to a more masculine appeal just because she’s the only girl amoung boys. That to me is even more respectable.
    As for the drummer side of her, she’s seems so calm about everything and then suddenly.. BAM! Her hands start flying, leaving Dakota and Damien stunned. Their facial expressions are priceless! xD Like I said, she can hold her own and they know it.

    What’s cool about her is that you wouldn’t expect such a powerhouse stored within someone so.. I guess ‘reserved’ is the best word I got. This is only a taste of Naomi, so it’s hard to piece the whole puzzle together, but this chapter really helps start it. [Actually, this chapter is definitely different than the others. The layout is abstract, overlapping and geometric with a pinch of chaos. I wonder if that’s symbolic for how Naomi is, you never quite get a clear picture of who she is because no one seems to know the real her. Dakota’s just gonna have to find out for himself.]

    There’s been some hints dropped here and there about her. I’m not sure what’s important to note and what’s not yet, but I will definitely need to re-read this chapter later for clues, I can feel it.
    It’s no mystery that Damien has a problem with her. Dakota’s going to have a fuuuuuun time keeping him on a leash when she criticizes him. Actually.. maybe not. He seems reluctant to yell at her a bit. I think we’ve seen that look on his face before in earlier chapters..

    I take it back. My last review said that I thought Damien might be intimidated by girls, but that can’t be it since Melody hangs out with them pretty casually. No.. there’s something more specific with Naomi… I’m afraid to say it and be wrong >< hahaha.
    Sooo… I'm going to focus on video games. I really love how social Conner can be [when Mark's not vomitting in his face like a jackass]. The game in particular was a good choice. You can't go wrong with Bond, especially with the reflection of it on Conner's glasses. That was awesome!

    With that out of the way, I'd like to fangirl some more about Naomi xD I noticed her house is pretty orderly and clean, and there's a menorah near the phone when she first speaks with Dakota. This gives subtle insight about her, but.. if anyone missed the N'sync poster in her room, I'm gonna be ashamed of my fellow readers ^^; How could a girl back then NOT have one? I know my sister and I did. So kudos on historical accuracy! [It's amazing how a simple poster reference can bring you back in time..]

    I'm getting off-track here, sorry. Uh.. let me say I'm calling Dakota's computer mini-Mamoru. That's the only way Dakota can keep in touch with him when he's out of the country right? So in a way, that IS Mamoru for him. ..I just hope he never gets lonely enough to hug it. No, he has to save his hugs for the real thing, and that's bound to happen soon! Can't wait!

  2. Angel

    Yay we finally get to see Naomi! I’m really loving Fixer as a whole ever chapter makes me excited for the next :3

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