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Chapter 2 – Mamoru



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  1. Jenn

    I would say that this is one of my favorite chapter because of the landscape/environment drawn in when Mamoru and Dakota hangs out. Environment really does affect how you grow, and there’s a lot of care and nostalgia put into this. Especially with the sky; it’s so infinite, in contrast to Hide’s death. *have you ever feel so small after looking at the sky? It freaks me out sometimes, but it’s actually a good thing.

    And Mamoru is on point with how someone becomes you icon that you look up to. (Sometimes I want to be that artist, Takashi Murakami, or the writer, Hunter S. Thompson. Although Thompson is incredibly nuts and messed up, but that’s what make his writings crazy.) As much as I enjoy the background, I wish the artist could’ve drawn more of Dakota and Mamoru interacting together, or if it’s not possible to fit in more pages, then compositioning the frame and figures would’ve suffice. Since this comic is a realistic point of view on a rock band, take advantage of the timing and see the development of each person! It’s not always the high parts of your life that makes you a stronger person, it is the process.

    I’m learning that sometimes musicians and artists start off in very weird locations (suburban and sticks) instead of being so close to urban life where diversity and influences intertwine. I think that’s why people with particular passion take a lot of things seriously, and go out to the world outside of their comfort zone, regardless of not having any clue to how things work in life. (*secret is that nobody knows how it works.) And it’s also why Dakota is specific about what music is to him since as he said before in previous chapter, his high school/hometown just take what’s given to them through the media and what looks “good” at the moment, versus finding out your interest on your own. And it’s definitely okay if interests change.

    Speaking of people taking what’s given to them, wow, so Dakota’s part time job is so relatable. A lot of times, when people travel or move around a lot, nobody realize how good they have it until they leave. It depends on the person, but that’s the sentiment of this chapter.

    Since it’s past tense, I wonder if Dakota (or anybody from the band) are able to return home. And what does home mean to them? Especially since Mamoru is coming from Japan; I wonder how he copes in a place that’s cultureally different from his home. In any creative field, traveling is common when you snag the opportunity. Too much traveling means having to build different relationships in a short span of time, but not wanting to travel leads to stagnant lifestyle.

    I’m sorry if the comments are very long; I’m starting to get very attached to Fixer, because it’s such an honest story so far. Because you know your life definitely does not look like an instagram photo, or one of thoese advertisment that shows you how exciting life is as an artist or doctor or whatever. Oh no, life is boring and hardly charming. It’s definitely not an action packed story, and I really appreciate that.

    I think it’s why we’re alive. Because as dumb life can be, at least we find solace in people who care, and we actually have a purpose. I mean look at that hug that Dakota gives to Mamoru. And their conversations (Mamo gets to tell his own best friend that his band sucks. How awesome and liberating is that? I actually like people who can call out on me and still be friends. By the end of the day, the People who care only want to build you UP.) They come from a long way.

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