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Chapter 1 – Evoke the Urge




  1. Jared

    Sweet comic braaahhh

  2. NightStar

    This chapter pulls the reader back to 1998 when the music was shifting to boy bands and the internet was dialup. For me, reading this felt like I was being pulled back to that time. The moment I was hooked is the last panel of page 8. Seeing Damien’s eyes so full of anger and pain through his bangs, the close up allows his blue eyes to grab my full attention. The moment I saw that, I knew I wanted to see what happened to him.

    The meeting between Dakota and Damien is natural and feels like how people met in high school. One moment by chance and a friendship is born. The mysteries around the members of the band start immediately and left me wanting more.

  3. Jenn

    This is definitely ’98; pop and rap was dominant around the time. Thinking about this made me realize how few people find out about rock or metal later on in middle school or high school, but then your friend’s have no idea who or what you’re listening to. Or maybe they do listen to the same music as you do, but they make it exclusive towards you. I was thinking about how music can be a door to new things, or a barrier.

    It was nice to look over on how Dakota and Damien met! There’s a funny dynamic between the two, where one of them has a calm/honest composure and the other is expressing an emotion based on feelings more so than logic, and this flips around Dakota and Damien a lot, when they get together for their band in later chapters.

    I believe that Damien is so chill about this because this isn’t his first fight. And it’s definitely not his last. He’s probably used to losing, but it doesn’t mean he’ll back down. Backing down is too passive or apathetic.

    Based on the prologue, I wonder how much Damien fought to keep Fixer together. Dakota said it’s been a decade since they started the band, but that’s for me to catch up and find out what happened.

    **also the title, is it a reference to the band Deathgaze?**

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