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Chapter 0 – Prologue



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  1. Jenn

    Hi, so I’m starting over with reading this. I left off of chapter 7, and reading the prologue again gave me a mix of excitement and fear. I hope I didn’t spoil too much since I’m reading again?!!! Guhh.

    I know, “fear” is ridiculous. I’m probably over-exaggerated. But it’s because Dakota is narrating about what he’s dealing with now, and my mind suddenly clicked with “OH SHIT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST OF THE MEMBERS?!” This is given the fact that I’m rereading Fixer, and getting to know each character, and those with small roles. (*it really helps to look back because of the different nuances you get.) but I’m very excited and curious to know what happened to the band!!

    Adding on to “fear”, page 5 is parallel to the creative field today (or at least that’s what it is to me): “They don’t want to collaborate. They want to influence.” Everybody has different ideas about influence, but there is a line or limit where if you cross it, you realize “Why’s everybody doing this. How is this a thing?” Or “I like that this is popular, but what if I brought something new to the table?” But since it’s so subjective, it’s hard for me to really articulate.

    Okay ridiculous art history that I vaguely remember: just wiki search Bay Area Figurative Movement. It’s basically a select group of artists who decided to step away from what was in, which was Abstract Expressionism. While some artists were avid fans of abstract art, they went back to paint figuratively (so recognizable subjects, I would think.) They formed the movement, which spanned something about two decades…? Anyway, point is that as a group, they individually created something.

    And you definitely can’t be afraid of your own creativity. Especially since this kind of stuff happens all the time.

    I believe in HEALTHY influences from different artists I admire, but it’s another thing to obtain that influence just to increase fanbase, etc. (Dakota mentioned how the people he’s working with only know how to sound like everyone else.) Nothing is original at this point, but it’s not a reason to ignore collaboration or sharing thoughts. Or having a reformation. It’s why we critique each other. I also have a lot of respect for bands and musicians who can create different sounds each year instead of remaining the same just because their single was a huge hit. Doesn’t mean I’ll like everything, but it’s something to appreciate.

    It’s probably why Dakota is where he is at the moment in this prologue; maybe he wanted something different when it comes to collaborating. Maybe something wasn’t cutting it in Fixer, or Dakota wanted a particular genre/sound to work with, who knows. It sucks, but that IS the reality of a talented band or musician. I just hope that he will find something for himself.

    Wow, it’s almost 2am! I hope I don’t sound too crazy or have typos.

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