Feb 07 2015

Autumn 1999 Nostalgia Trip

Time to take a trip back again, as we share with you guys the songs that were dominating the portable CD players of the youth of America at the this time in Fixer story line. Which songs do you think the members liked the most?

Feb 05 2015

New Pages

Chapter 15 has been updated with 2 new pages!

Jan 29 2015

Release Schedule

Hey Guys!

Roger here with a little bit of an update. For the 2nd arc of Fixer, we are playing with a new release schedule. Rather than updating an entire chapter at the beginning of every month, we will be releasing new pages every week, more like a traditional webcomic! For now, it will only be 2 pages a week as we are a little bit behind on our work schedule, but eventually we will be releasing 4 pages a week (hopefully within the next month or two)! Please let us know what you think about the new schedule in the comments below!


Jan 02 2015

Interview With Fixer Creator, Roger, About Series 2!


Interview About Series 2

By Seraphina Hawthorne

It’s been 2 years since the last chapter of Fixer was released. The first arch of the story finished on a note of new change for the famous band-to-be. With the second story arc picking up on Chapter 14, I decided to sit down and have a short interview with the creator of Fixer, writer Roger Shackelford.

1. Being that it’s been so long between chapters, how excited/nervous are you for Chapter 14?

Roger – This is kind of do or die time. I feel a lot of pressure right now because, with this arc, we need to make the best possible story we can so that Fixer can become self sustainable. During the first arc, I literally put out thousands and thousands of dollars to make Fixer happen. We got a loyal fanbase who really stuck out with us, but making a sustainable future for the comic was an afterthought. Not this time. We will be doing a few things differently. The biggest one fans will notice is our new release schedule. Instead of releasing 1 chapter all at once at the beginning of ever month, we will now release several pages a week. However, the fans who have been with us since the beginning have been waiting a long time for chapter 14. So, on January 4th, we will be releasing the entire chapter!  We have really listened to fan feedback over the years and will strive to make the best Fixer experience possible. I feel like we have something really incredible to offer… We just need to catch fire.

2. The style between Danny and Erin is quite different, what gave you the faith in Erin to continue this dramatic story?

Roger – I was actually concerned because her most notable work before this was a comedic parody of the music business called L33T Street Boys. I became friends with the creator of that project when his band opened for one of ours at Tekkoshocon 2010. He put the comic on hiatus some time ago, but always showed support for Fixer. When Danny departed, he actually suggested we go with Erin, his former artist. I was hesitant and actually didn’t approach her initially, because the style from LSB was not something I would have associated with Fixer. It was until later that he suggested her again that I reached out to her and gave her a chance. Boy am I glad I did! Her initial sketches were fantastic and very different from the art in LSB. When Matt confirmed to me that she was professional, punctual, and easy to work with, she was a no-brainer.

3. Erin’s facial expressions with the characters are priceless, is there a particular character you think she draws well?

Roger – Conner. She draws him in a way where he is so easy to recognize based on how he looked before, but is still able to deliver that insecurity and apathy that surrounds the character, just through how he is presented on page. That is extremely difficult to pull off.

4. The story picks up with Dakota having some conflicts between new and current characters before he journeys out into the real world, care to give a sneak peek on that teenaged angst?

Roger – Dakota made a difficult decision at the end of the first arc to commit himself to Fixer and abandon his original plans to go to Berkley. Not everyone agrees with him, and were upset to see him give up a seemingly stable future for something that is an EXTREMELY high risk. On the the very first page of the new arc, readers will experience the beginning of the repercussions of his choice.

5. Chapter 14 sets the mood for several things. This chapter focuses mainly on Dakota, will it be this way throughout the second arc?

Roger – In the first story arc, Dakota was more of a vehicle for the story. While there were hints dropped about his personality and true identity, he mainly introduced us to the other 3 main characters and brought us back to the world of late 90’s America. The second arc is his story. Not only will you really get to know him here, but you will see his merits as a leader truly be tested, as well as witness true weight to decisions he has made, and will make, in both his professional and personal lives… And he doesn’t always make the right ones.

6. Of course, what is a chapter without Damien getting in a little trouble? Without spoiling it for the audience, will you tell us a little about that?

Roger – All I will say is… He has never gotten into this much trouble in his entire life.

7. Dakota mentions picking up Mamoru from the airport, will he be appearing in Chapter 15?

Roger – Yup. He shows up at the very beginning. As is the running theme in this arc, Mamoru will also be dealing with the consequence of his choices. In the last arc, he had a lot of behind the scenes problems with his family and girlfriend, Mitsumi. He decided to join Fixer as a means of finding direction in his life, but in the process, potentially created several new problems for himself. He is looked at as the old sage of the band; the guiding light if you will. However, here, you will see that in the grand scheme of things, he is still young, and may have made a few mistakes of his own.

8. While we’ll be learning about Dakota and Damien’s current fates in Chapter 14, what is Naomi up to these days?

Roger – Naomi is actually still going ahead with her college career at a Philadelphia area university called West Chester. Since her school is pretty much between their home town and Philly, she decided to try to juggle both school and the band. In this arc, you’re going to see a little bit more of an expansion of her character as she is going to be facing obstacles the rest of the band doesn’t really have to face. And saying maybe, just MAYBE, you will see a little bit more of her with Damien one on one.

9. I’ve noticed Melody is in this upcoming chapter quite a bit, does she play a significant role for Fixer like she does Dakota?

Roger – Melody is much more in the spotlight in this arc. In the first arc, the audience saw that the relationship between her and Dakota was strained, but we never really showed why. The dynamic of Dakota and Melody’s relationship is at the very cornerstone of this arc, as it is what has the deepest impact on Dakota’s professional and personal life. Her character is also further explored and you finally get the history of her relationship with Dakota, and the depths of her love for him.

10. One final question. 2015 is here, will we be seeing Fixer on the convention road this year? How can we, as fans, help make that happen?

Roger – As of right now, we want to focus on getting the ball rolling with Fixer. Make sure the pages come out consistently, create more of a community around the comic, and focus on giving fans the merch they requested (a full trade paperback of the first arc, Nekota plushie). But, if Tainted Reality brings a band to an event, or we perform at a rave, Fixer will be there! Also, we always have a Fixer display at our monthly club event K-Stomp in Baltimore!

Nov 06 2014

Time To Meet Fixer’s New Artist, Erin!

Some people have been asking who Fixer’s new artist is. Well, it’s time to introduce her to everyone! She took some time to do a quick interview so you fans can get to know her a little better.

1. Please introduce yourself 
Hello! I am Erin Nagy. I like elves and cheese ravioli and I cannot stand the sound of ticking clocks. I’ve worked on webcomics, print comics, and video games. Though most of my art is 2D drawings, I also dabble in some crafts and writing. If it’s creative, I’m there!
2. How did you first find out about Fixer?
A friend of mine suggested Fixer to me back when it was fairly new. My taste in print comics runs towards the superheroes, but when it comes to webcomics pretty much anything is fair game. Fixer had a unique story and great writing and art, so into my bookmarks it went!
3. What made you want to become Fixer’s next artist?
I heard there was a search for a new artist for Fixer, and that they were looking for a style that had a bit of comic book and a bit of anime in it. Since that’s how I’d describe my style, I was excited: it sounded like a perfect fit! It’s always nice to be a part of something, and it’s even nicer when you can be part of something of which you are a fan.
4. What is your artist background?
Though I went to art school, I’m mostly self-taught. I have been drawing for pretty much my whole life (I remember being very small, with an endless roll of paper and a giant box of crayons), and my parents, family, and friends have always been quite supportive of it. I started taking my art seriously in my early teens, and now I am rarely seen without pencil (or, more often, stylus) in hand.
5. Who are your favorite musicians?
I have really varied taste: Coldplay to Koji Kondo is just scratching the surface. My favourite music is the kind that evokes feelings or tells a story, so I enjoy a lot of game soundtracks and movie scores. I’ll listen to most everything, though, except boy bands. Boy bands are not allowed.
6. What are your hobbies?
I draw. A lot. I am also an avid gamer and love to read. Unfortunately, I don’t have any exciting hobbies like hang gliding (though I have been twice!).
7. Who is your favorite character in Fixer?
My favourite character is Mamoru. Most of the time he comes off as an easygoing, unflappable, cool dude, but then every once in a while that cracks and he’s the complete opposite. I’m a sucker for cool dudes, goofballs, and secret personality traits, so he’s the best of all worlds!
8. What was your favorite Fixer moment?
I really liked when Dakota decided to make a serious commitment to his music: when he changed his hair. Not only did it show character growth, but it was also this neat combination of minor event and major impact. The fact it was in one of the few colour pages was also a very striking choice.
9. How will your style effect the comic?
Danny’s art has this wonderful simple realism to it. My art is more stylized, but is still relatively realistic. I think our similarities will help bridge the entire story together, and our differences will distinguish the different arcs.
10. What are your hopes for the future?
As far as Fixer goes, I really hope everyone enjoys this next chapter in the band’s life, and that I can fill the big shoes Danny left behind!
Personally, I dream of one day creating my own comics. I have a zillion ideas floating around in my head, and I would love to capture and share some of them.
For the future in general… I hope for jetpacks.

Sep 15 2014

Fixer Returns January 4th, 2015

After almost 2 years of waiting, Fixer will be returning for an all new story arc on January 4th, 2015, illustrated by Fixer’s new artist, Erin Nagy! Further details to come in the coming weeks.

Apr 04 2014

Fixer’s Next Artist Search

Fixer is in search of our next artist! We need someone with zest and enthusiasm for wanting to make this story a huge success, both inside and outside the pages of the story! While we are looking for someone to continue the blend of modern American comics and Japanese manga art styles, we also need someone to bring something unique and new to the art and characters! Before you read any further, please ask yourself these questions:

1. Have I read all of Fixer?
2. Do I have a passion and understanding for the characters?
3. Can I produce approximately 26 pages of art a month?
4. Can I travel on occasion?
5. Am I willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to try and bring new fans into Fixer?

If you answered yes to all of these, then we may be interested!

To apply, please e-mail Roger at roger@taintedreality.net with
– Your full name
– Examples of your artwork
– Your age
– Your location
– A little bit about yourself (your art background, your interests and hobbies, etc.)
– Why you think you are perfect for Fixer

You may have some questions. Let us do our best to answer them.

Q: Is this a paying job?
A: Yes. You will receive a flat rate for this job, with half up front and the other half upon completion of your contract. There are also bonuses involved, such as all expenses paid to promotional events, opportunities to promote your personal work, and chances at extra pay for various tasks.

Q: How much is the pay?
A: We can answer that question for you if we like your initial submission!

Q: What is the workload?
A: We are looking for approximately 26 pages a month plus a full color chapter cover. Whether the pages are full color or gray-scale will be up to the artist. There will also be occasions where we will ask you to produce promotional work, especially in the weeks leading to the release of the 2nd story arc. These promotional images are usually stills and posters.

Q: How much creative freedom will I get?
A: Much. Not only will you be designing the band’s iconic costumes for the 2nd arc, but Roger hands his artists scripts that are very open to artist interpretation.

We hope to start the 2nd, long awaited arc very soon and are anxious to see if you will be the next artist! Please don’t hesitate to apply!

Apr 02 2014

A Farewell To Danny

With a heavy heart, we bring you the unfortunate news that Danny Kang, has decided to step down as the artist of Fixer. Below is a special message he has composed for the fans.

imageWe wish Danny all of the best in his future endeavors. Also, please rest assured that, while Danny has decided to move on, Fixer will continue. More on that in the days to come. But in the mean time, thank you for everything Danny! We love you and you shall be missed…


Feb 12 2014

On Our Way To Katsucon

Things have been quiet around here, but we are about to depart for Katsucon in the middle of a blizzard! Wish us luck and if you will be at Katsu, please swing by the Fixer booth in the Artist Alley!

Sep 09 2013

Fixer’s Anime USA Schedule

Wow! Week of Anime USA already! Well, time to sort out where we will be and when!

Fixer Booth in Artist Alley: Table 18

Fixer Events:
Friday 7:00pm (Educational Panels): The Tainted Reality / Fixer Panel
Friday 10:30pm (Events B): The Dreaded Eden Rave with Fixer writer and creator, Roger, DJing!
Saturday 5:30pm (Educational Panels): How To Break Into Webcomics

We can’t wait to see you all there! Please come to all of our events and bring as many friends as you can! Let’s make this a truly memorable event for Fixer!

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