Sep 13 2012

Fixer’s First Recording! Live Cover of Nirvana’s Breed

That’s right! We have uncovered Fixer’s first recording done at their debut performance, depicted in Chapter 8: Wake Up The Sleepers! The recording was done on cassette tape in and old Casio boombox all the way back in 1999, so the audio is not the best, but it gives you the earliest glimpse of the band’s sound in their dawning days! Check it out by clicking here or using the player below! Please don’t forget to post your thoughts and comments in the comments section below!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


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  1. Hannah

    This is pretty freaking awesome! I love the enthusiasm 😀 Really cool singing as well. Shred on, dudes!

  2. Angel

    I loved this! ^^ Please make more music for us Fixer! <3 <3 <3

  3. ¤‡●Pixinated●‡¤‡●Love●‡¤

    ;’D<3 When I figure out how to gank I am ganking!!! Too Amazing guys. ~<3

  4. Shiseido J Wells

    First of all, congrats to Fixer on its first recording! This marks a HUGE milestone for both the comic and creators. Here is to hoping for more music from one of the best fictional bands around. *cheers*

    In my opinion, this is a great cover of an awesome song. As we all know Nirvana was a really popular band in the 90s and I’ve got a feeling will influence some of Fixer’s later sounds in the future. I love the live feel to the song with hearing the background audience chatter. Though, it could have stood to be a bit more energetic towards the end to reflect that point in the story (see page 21). Vocals were good and it did have the late ’90s vibe. Nice touch on recording with a boombox and cassette tape. Surprisingly enough, the sound quality is actually really good for cassette recording. Those were rare back in the day, hahaha. (Also, is Roger singing for Damien and Danny on guitar?) Guitar, bass, and drums sound good too! However, there were a couple of times I thought the instruments drowned out the vocals.

    Overall, great sound, great recording. Great job guys!

  5. Hannah

    Nice cover! I’m excited to hear more from Fixer!

    I’ve been reading all of the chapters, though I’m one of those accursed lurkers who hasn’t commented…I like following the story, though! Waiting for chapter 9! :]

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