May 05 2012

Fixer Trivia: Mitsumi’s Email

The chapter 2 supplementary material features an email between Mamoru and his girlfriend, Mitsumi Kego.  Mitsumi is a huge fan of anime and has a hidden meaning to her email address, MimiNeko@hellokitty.com.  The hello kitty email is an actual domain that fans are able to sign up for.  But in addition to that, Mimi is the recurring name of several cats (neko) in the works of Makoto Shinkai, an animation director, who has been one of Danny’s biggest professional influences and inspired him greatly as an artist and animator.  Mimi was Chobi’s girlfriend in “She and Her Cat” (1999), was mentioned in “5 Centimenters per Second” (2007) by Akari when petting a cat on the street named Chobi, and is the name of Asuna’s pet in “Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below” (2011).

You can read the original Chapter 2 Supplementary Material here.

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