Oct 06 2012

Fixer Trivia: Finger Eleven

In Chapter 5: It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock And Roll), an obscure reference is made to the band Finger Eleven. Finger Eleven is an alternative rock band from Ontario, Canada and are known for their hits “One Thing” in 2003, and more famously, “Paralyzer” in 2007. However, they used to be known under the name “Rainbow Butt Monkeys” when they formed in 1989.  Damien remarks that the name “Finger Eleven” is no more mature. When deciding to take their music in a more serious direction, the band decided they wanted a more meaningful name. Front man Scott Anderson explained the meaning of the name is “when everything is pushing you in one direction and your instinct drives you in another, that’s finger eleven”.

However, some fans still speculate that the name is a reference to the male genitalia.

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