Apr 30 2012

Fixer Trivia: Come With Me

On page 13 of Chapter 4: Genesis, Dakota and Melody are seen discussing Conner. However, the conversation breaks briefly in reference to a past conversation where Damien and Dakota chastised a track by Puff Daddy (Known now a days as “P. Diddy” or “Diddy”) that samples Led Zeppelin’s song “Kashmir”. The track in question is called “Come With Me” and was released as a single and featured on the motion picture soundtrack for the 1998 American remake of Godzilla. Many classic rock fans at the time were unhappy with the sampling, despite the blessings and contribution of Kashmir’s co-writter, rock legend Jimmy Page. Dakota also mentions that Puff Daddy should have “learned how to sing” before performing the song, even going as far as to call him a “son of a bitch”. This is in reference to the infamous middle portion of the song where Puff Daddy, in a rare moment, sings rather than raps. The portion is performed in a flat, slightly off key delivery leaving many at the time of the song’s release to criticize Puff Daddy’s singing abilities.

On an embarrassing note, at the time of the song’s release, Roger bought the Godzilla soundtrack specifically for this song. It has since become a guilty pleasure of his.

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