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Nov 07 2012

Danny’s Adventures At Nekocon

Danny has updated his site with his stories from Nekocon! Check them out at!

Oct 30 2012

Danny’s Adventures At New York Comic-Con


Recently, Danny went to this year’s New York Comic-Con and had one hell of an experience! Read all about it on his official homepage.

Oct 07 2012

Danny’s Picks: Little Big War


Danny has updated his site with his latest pick to share with fans, a short animation film called Little Big War. Check out his latest entry here.

Aug 03 2012

Danny’s Blog on Otakon 2012

Danny has just released a new blog post on Otakon 2012!  Read it by clicking the image below!

Aug 02 2012

Danny’s Website Now Reopened!

Danny has been revamping his website and has just announced that it is reopen to the public, check it out by clicking below!

May 08 2012

Danny’s Picks – One Piece Behind The Scenes

Danny’s posted a new video pick on his site, check it out by clicking the image below!  

Apr 28 2012

Danny’s Picks – Kagami no Genon

Danny has posted another Danny’s Picks on his site, click the image below to check it out!

Apr 15 2012

Danny’s Picks – La Main des Maitres

Danny’s put up a new pick on his site, a short French animation called “La Main des Maitres!”  Check it out by clicking the image below!

Feb 16 2012 – Anime Boston 2012

Danny has a special announcement about Anime Boston!

Feb 02 2012 – Chapter 2 Mamoru

Read Danny’s thoughts on chapter 2!

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