May 18 2015

A Word From Roger

Hey guys!

So we have finally completed Chapter 15, and what a ride it was to get here. With this chapter, we started to pull back the curtains on what exactly is going to make Series 2 such an emotional, unforgettable ride with TONS of allusions not only to future of Series 2, but the entire story. This trend is going to continue into Chapter 16. We really hope you are excited for what is to come, because the best is yet to come!

With that said, we need to ensure that the next few chapters are absolutely stunning. As such, we are going to be taking some time off from publishing for the next couple of weeks. The reason is to ensure a steady, unbroken stream of content for the foreseeable future, and to ensure the story is of the utmost quality. We are hoping this wont be long, but cannot put a target date on this as we have a lot of work ahead of us.

We won’t be completely dark though, as we will be periodically updating here in the news section, updating and interacting with fans via out Facebook page, and playing games both for and with the fans several times weekly on the Tainted Reality Twitch Channel!

When we come back, expect trivia posts that further explore the world of Fixer, new merchandise centered around Erin’s artwork, convention appearance announcements, and 4 pages a week, doubling our output!

Thank you so much for your continued faith in this story and we promise we won’t let you down! Ladies and gentlemen, you have seen nothing yet!

Let’s rock this!


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