Apr 09 2015

Back On Track: New Page Update

Looks like we are back on track! New page on Chapter 15 today and another coming Sunday!

Mar 22 2015

Status Update

Hey everyone!

As you noticed, page updates have been a little slow recently. This has been due to a few issues we are experiencing, not the least of which is that Erin’s sketch pad has bricked. Good news is that she has already sent it out for repairs, but updates will be slow for a week or two here.

In the mean time, please enjoy a new page for Chapter 15!

Mar 09 2015

Chapter 15 Updated

Chapter 15 has been updated once again with a new page!

Feb 28 2015

Another Page Update

Just as the title suggests! Enjoy the new page for Chapter 15!

Feb 22 2015

Chapter 15 has been updated

Chapter 15 has been updated with its 11th page!

Feb 21 2015

Something In The Way

Ever wonder what song inspired the title for Fixer’s current chapter? Despite the chapter’s rather comedic tone so far, it is about to take a more somber tone that echos the song that inspired it, written and performed by Nirvana. Check out this chilling live performance of the song, just months before Kurt Cobain’s death.

Feb 20 2015

Roger Goes To War

Last month, Fixer creator, Roger, attended MAGFest and came loaded for bear for the 4th annual Nerf War! Check out this video to see some shots of Roger in action, and facing down a 50 person firing squad! (Spoilers: It doesn’t end well for him!)

Feb 14 2015

Valentine’s Weekend Double Shot!

We are sharing the love this weekend! Updated Chapter 15 with a new page today, with another new one coming tomorrow!

Feb 08 2015

New Page

New page updated to Chapter 15!

Feb 07 2015

Autumn 1999 Nostalgia Trip

Time to take a trip back again, as we share with you guys the songs that were dominating the portable CD players of the youth of America at the this time in Fixer story line. Which songs do you think the members liked the most?

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